Dentistry: Trade Agreements and International Mobility

With the dynamic changes occurring in global migration and trade agreements between nations, it is time to introduce ourselves. The Canadian Dental Regulatory Authorities Federation (CDRAF) is an alliance of the provincial dental regulatory authorities (DRAs). These regulators are the only bodies with the exclusive, legislated mandate of public protection.

The voluntary cooperation of the regulated professions is critical to the successful implementation of pending trade agreements such as CETA and TPP.

Before and after negotiating such agreements, CDRAF has much to contribute to these discussions by ensuring government is well-informed on current issues within the profession and in maintaining an open dialogue with the dental regulatory bodies across the country.

Dental regulatory authorities speak with one, reasoned and fair national voice when addressing registration/licensing requirements regardless of where an individual received their education and training. This was accomplished voluntarily and without legislated mandates.

DRAs recognize that a stable and growing economy is of vital importance. It is also imperative that this quest does not divert our focus from our primary legislated mandate of public protection. It is here that dental regulators have a critical and exclusive role to play.

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